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Welcome to, the online home of the Evans Law & Accounting. The company grows out of several previous years of close cooperation between Attorney -one of the Eastern Seaboard’s best known and most respected litigators and business lawyers, and -, a widely experienced business management and marketing consultant, with two decades of experience in the United States and Thailand.
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Thailand Legal Service Counsel Solutions
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Thailand Article government tries to re-assure property owners
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Thailand Business Law Business Law
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Thailand Civil Law Civil Law

One Year Visa --Work Permit
Extension Of Stay Permit
Non-Immigrant ‘B’ & ‘O’ Visa Applications Marriage Visa
Visa To The USA
Marriage Affidavit Permanent Residency

Business Management
Virtual Office
Property Transfer
Website Design
Business Plans
Management Audits
Promotions Incentives

BOI application
International Trading Law
Customs Law
Amity Treaty U.S.A.
Taxation & Industrial Law
Civil & Criminal Litigation
Business & Marketing Consulting
Commercial Dispute Resolution
Commercial Property Law
Banking & Financial consulting 
Residential Property Law
Arbitration & Mediation
Labor Law Disputes
Project Feasibility & Analysis
Industrial & Intellectual Property Law

Set-up of book-keeping systems
Training book-keeping staff
Monthly review of company book-keeping
Profit & Loss (P&L) statements
Financial Statements
Balance Sheets
Audited Financial Statements (year-end).


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