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Welcome to, the online home of the Evans Law & Accounting. The company grows out of several previous years of close cooperation between Attorney -one of the Eastern Seaboard’s best known and most respected litigators and business lawyers, and -, a widely experienced business management and marketing consultant, with two decades of experience in the United States and Thailand.
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The Eastern Seaboard's Liding Source of Business Investment Information

the #1 Web site for information on investing on the Eastern Seaboard, including hundreds of listings of businesses and investment properties for sale.

Pattaya has become Thailand’s second city, as well as an international tourist destination. Hundreds of new businesses open each year, and hundreds of existing businesses are sold, to both Thai and foreign investors. The business climate in Pattaya is healthy, even in the slow economy of the last year. Hundreds of thousands of Thai and foreign tourists visit the city every year, and businesses catering to those tourists, and to upscale expats, do well.
If you’re interested in investing locally, or in buying or selling a business in around Pattaya, make a visit to a regular feature of your web time.

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Pattaya Property Finder - Thailand Property Real Estate

Welcome to, the #1 Web site for listings of real estate for sale or rent on the Eastern Seaboard,  including hundreds of listings of houses, condos, and land for sale or for rent.

Pattaya has become Thailand’s second city,   as well as an international tourist destination.
Thousands of people move to Pattaya each year. New arrivals include foreigners looking for second homes, retirement homes, or investment properties, and Thai people moving from other parts of the country for vacation homes and for business opportunities.

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Thailand Property Finder

Welcome to, the #1 Website for listings of real estate for sale or rent on around Thailand, including hundreds of listings of houses, condos, and land for sale or rent.

We recognize that the need for accurate and reliable counsel and service in the legal and accounting fields has become more and more acute as the volume of the Evans Marketing brokerage business grew to incorporate nearly a hundred business and property transfers annually, and as many more requests were received for assistance with company formation, work permits, residence visas, marriages, etc., we have created this service.

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LLC, Wills, Divorce, Incorporation and More
Get your legal documents precisely prepared and shipped for one low, fixed price from

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